Same Country 4th Year In Row Is “Best Place For Expats”

HSBC’s recently published, yearly Expat Explorer survey listed Singapore as the best city for expats. This is the fourth consecutive year that Singapore has been honored with this accolade.

The survey pooled together 22,318 expats living in 163 different countries and asked them to rate where they live based on economics, experience, and family.

Singapore scored very high for economic perks. Some 47 percent of respondents said they made the move to Singapore to promote their careers. On average, expats living in Singapore earn an average of $162,000 a year. The global average for expats is $56,000 less. That being said, Singapore is one of the most expensive places on the planet to live.

Singapore also scored high on wellbeing and education for kids. Some 60 percent of respondents reported their children’s health and wellbeing were better after they had moved to Singapore. When asked if their child’s life has improved, some 75 percent said it had.

Second place was New Zealand. Respondents reported higher scores for the experience category because of a slew of outdoor activities available for residents of the country. In third place came Germany, which actually scored second-highest for economics. In fourth place came Canada, while Bahrain snatched fifth place.

HSBC gathered the 31 countries that scored the highest and had at least 100 expats responding to the survey. Out of these, a third were in Asia.

Since the previous year, the U.S. has dropped three spots to 23rd place. This is due to long hours at work and less openness in developing social life when compared to other countries, even though its average expat salary is $80,000 more than the average.

The opportunity of expats to integrate and make friends, the survey found, had a positive effect on health and wellbeing. Four out of five expats have lived abroad for over five years and one in four has lived abroad for over 20 years.

3 Luxury Holiday Getaways with Private Chefs

While some love hosting a holiday feast for family and friends, the rest prefer to soak in some hard-earned leisure, without any worry or hassle. For the latter, there are specific remote vacation rentals available on the site of ‘Edge Retreats,’ which provide bespoke luxury services. The USP here is, those plush properties come with private chefs. So, you and your guests will enjoy gourmet meals throughout your stay! Here are a few cherry-picked choices for you to indulge.

Lake Kora, Adirondack Mountains, New York

Lake Kora is a sprawling 19-bedroom lodge at the foothill of Adirondack Mountains in New York. Set beside a serene 500-acre private lake, this grand camp can accommodate up to 38 guests. Once belonged to the well-known Vanderbilt family, the property now comes fully staffed. Along with the fully equipped kitchen, where you have to enter only if you want, there are several other features like a squash court, hockey rink, and a bowling alley. Get ready for a full-steamed holiday ahead to enjoy with a long list full of guests.

Sheldon Chalet, Denali’s Ruth Glacier, Alaska

Sheldon Chalet is the ultimate destination if you want to venture out into the whitewashed wilderness, for a truly exclusive holiday experience. Set on the Ruth Glacier in the Denali National Park of Alaska, this cozy 5-bedroom luxury villa has everything stored for you worthy of a bespoke service. Including private chefs, the remote property also provides professional guides for all your outdoor adventures, with extreme-weather-proof gears. If you get lucky to see the northern lights, that’s the utmost ethereal experience you will likely ever have.

Hawksbill Estate, Turks and Caicos

Hawksbill Estate is a holiday-perfect beach retreat, set just beside the world-famous gorgeous Grace Bay of Turks and Caicos. This 8-bedroom luxury mansion is fully staffed along with a private chef. The velvety white sands run upright to the property, while the two pools almost match the overlooking turquoise bay water. There are also a hot tub, a tennis court, and a movie theatre to fill your leisure. The property truly delivers a unique laidback beach escape.