Beat the Big City Madness With a Visit to These Charming Little Towns

Big cities and metropolitan areas with spectacular statues, landmarks, and nightlife are not the only options for your next visit. Here’s a list of five fabulous small towns that will leave you breathless. These towns are just a one or a two-hour drive from the city and provide not only grand architecture or style but also nature at its best, tranquility with simplicity, and serve as medicine for tired hearts.

Highland Lakes, Texas

Highland Lakes in Texas is situated 85 miles from Austin and is the perfect place to visit for an afternoon drive. The highland lakes are formed from the waters of the colorado river, and the tranquil surroundings will restore your lost peace. Summer is the perfect time to drive up to these ethereal places to enjoy water activities and cruising, and gawk at the hawks soaring above Lake Buchanan. If you’re an adrenaline seeker, you can enjoy the only mountain biking park in Texas, Spider Mountain Biking Park. For a more serene outing, take a walk on the trails of Inks Lake State Park.

Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee

Want a quick weekend getaway with music and meadows to unwind? 40 miles from the city of Nashville, the city of Music in Tennessee, Leiper’s Fork, is full of beautiful meadows, music enthusiasts, comfy cottages, and country roads. The best attraction of this countryside is the Copper Fox gallery which houses sculptures, paintings, jewelry, and housewares. Spend some time exploring southern paintings in Leiper’s Creek Gallery and lose yourself in the art. Finish your night unwinding at the famous Puckett amidst great food and music.

Ogunquit, Portland

A back-side vibrant suburb situated 37 miles from Maine, Ogunquit is a must-visit for a fun-filled and relaxing beach holiday. If you want to get luxurious, stay at one of the many ocean-view hotels. Feel the sand on your feet as you walk on sea swept trails, and enjoy sailing cruises, deep-sea fishing, and beach play, biking. Explore the Ogunquinn city and its harbor restaurants, boutique shops, and the playhouse with Broadway shows.

Fish Creek and Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin

A great place to wander about among nature and have a family holiday, The Peninsula State Park across Green Bay Shoreline is one of the most beautiful areas in Wisconsin. The 3667-acre recreational nature park area offers recreational activities in different seasons including boating, kayaking, canoeing, hunting, and even snowshoeing. The eagle watchtower, the only observation tower in Wisconsin, offers a spectacular stretched view of the Green Bay Area and is located only an hour’s drive from Green Bay airport.

Daufuskie Island, South Carolina

A tropical island gateway, just a 30-minute ferry ride from Hilton Head, is best for a getaway holiday. Oak trees, wet sand, and moss will welcome you to the small town. Daufuskie Island is mostly known for its untouched beautiful shores and its great crab dishes. Walk around the island, enjoy horse riding along the shores, and visit the local artisan shops. Enjoy the quiet, peace, and a tranquil day away from the hustle and bustle of the city and visit one of the many well-known restaurants for a nice night out.

The Perfect Gift: Travel Gift Cards That Don’t Expire

Giving the gift of an opportunity to purchase whatever you want or need is almost always appreciated and appropriate. Especially when it is for someone who often enjoys traveling or dining out. Shopping for travel connoisseurs in-person can be difficult, which is what makes gift cards ideal.

The Perfect Gift: Travel Gift Cards That Don’t Expire

The drawback of purchasing gift cards or certificates is that some of them can expire. You might forget to use them, they may not correlate with your travel plans, or you may not have the time to take advantage. When choosing the right card for someone, consider one of the options below as they don’t expire. That means neither you nor the recipient has to worry.


Traveling by car, when you aren’t driving it, is considered to be a luxurious way to get around. Whether it’s to go to an event or to get to the airport, an Uber gift card can be useful. These cards can also be used to pay for renting mopeds to ride around in Paris, Washington, DC, and other locations around the world.

Southwest Airlines

Flying domestically can be cheap, and with a gift card, it can make the trip even more cost-effective. You can redeem your Southwest Airlines gift card on flights to more than 95 destinations.


Give someone the opportunity to book a stay or experience anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a luxurious cabin in Colorado or a farmhouse in Tuscany, the options are endless.

The Perfect Gift: Travel Gift Cards That Don’t Expire

Who wouldn’t love to have an awesome meal of their choice? Certificates from are redeemable at hundreds of different restaurants across the US.

A Memorable Gift

A gift card can end up being a memorable present as it leads to another experience waiting to happen. The best part is, the gift cards listed above don’t expire!