‘Blue Planet’ Locations People Can Actually Go On Vacation

Blue Planet has shown many of us a host of sights that we never believed we could see over the years. Now could be the chance to get one step closer. That’s right; there are Blue Planet locations you can actually go on vacation to.

Blue Planet Locations You Can Actually Go On Vacation To

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef covers thousands of miles around the coast of Australia and is home to the planet’s largest underwater population of creatures. Perhaps it’s no wonder the reef is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth? Half the reef has been bleached beyond repair, but thankfully, conservation projects look as though they were helping to keep the rest of the area protected from the elements.

Baja Peninsula

Have you ever wanted to see grey whales showing off their calves to the world? Look no further; Baja Peninsula, Mexico, could be the place to be. The whales are usually shy. However, it looks as though they put their personalities to one side between December and April as the animals arrive to show off their impressive size as they train their youngsters with all the skills they will need to survive.

Blue Planet Locations You Can Actually Go On Vacation To

The Bahamas

The Bahamas has been a dream destination for many over the years thanks to the golden beaches as crystal clear waters, but it could be about to get even better than we once thought. Shark fishing was banned in a huge portion of the area meaning the once dwindling population has been able to bounce back. Now, spotting them from boats and even dicing amongst them can be incredible ways to see these beasts of the deep.

Shark Bay

It’s off to Australia for Shark Bay as the brave arrive to see the beasts. However, there is more on offer than sharks in this area. The bay is the perfect place for dolphins and turtles as they arrive to enjoy the plethora of food on offer. The animals an often swim incredibly close to humans and put on impressive shows for visitors before the likes of the tiger sharks arrive to get their fill.

The planet is an incredible place, and Blue Planet has helped to show off many aspects of it all. So what if we got to take it all in for ourselves? Thankfully, our dreams might soon become a reality.