Check Out This Ski Resort Made Of Shipping Containers

Skiing vacations can be a luxurious and exhilarating experience. One ski resort is providing those same luxurious accommodations within a recycled structure. That’s right; you can find ultimate relaxation and tranquility and feel great about the building’s environmental impact.


Nestled away in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, The Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort is made up entirely of recycled and repurposed shipping containers.

The hotel itself is minimalist in its design, sticking with a simple finished wood look on the outside and the inside.

The resort is split into five levels. The first level contains the reception and dining areas. The guest rooms make up the rest of the floors, stacked on top of each other like a fancy shipping yard.

Each room has wood paneling and a glazed wall which leads to the open-air decks and magnificent views. Room options include single rooms, or family and deluxe suites for larger groups. It is the perfect place for single travelers or large families.

Stacked like a pyramid, the hotel itself is undeniable. With panoramic views, there is not a bad spot in the hotel.

For those looking to get some skiing in, the nearest lift is just a five-minute walk. If skiing is not your cup of tea, the hotel offers plenty of yoga classes. The hotel also has a swimming pool and a sauna for maximum relaxation.

According to the hotel’s photographer, the hotel was designed by two architects, Sandro Ramishvili and Irakli Eristavi.

The photographer’s spokesperson said, “Built in a minimalist style, the hotel seems to repeat the local terrain, cascading down the mountainside. The philosophy behind the project was to safeguard the environment from the harmful effects of work and leisure.¬†While building the hotel, not only has the landscape been untouched, but the materials used to build it were environmentally friendly and of local production.”