Check Out This Little Known English Hotspot That Locals Love

Tourists heading to London are guaranteed to stop at a number of well worn attractions. If you’ve been to London for even just a day or two, you’ve probably paid a visit to Buckingham Palace, the London Bridge, and Big Ben.

However, there’s one spot that British locals love that outsiders have never heard of. It gets more visitors per year, around 6.4 million to be exact, than many of the top UK destinations, including Stonehenge. For visitors who love to shop, Bicester Village is a must go for your next British adventure.

Roughly 45 minutes outside of London, Bicester Village is a sprawling outdoor shopping center tucked into charming little cottages. Many of the stores are designer outlets, offering steep discounts on otherwise pricey, well made items.

The village is home to outlets for luxury brands like Prada, Armani, Gucci, Valentina, as well as Versace. If designer clothing and bags aren’t quite your tasks, than you’ll find other specialty shops including high end, Canadian active wear company Lululemon, along with Clarks and Barbour.

Promotional materials for the village state that shoppers can find discounts as steep as 60% off of regular retail prices.

While most of the visitors to Bicester Village are tourists from eastern countries, like India, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Kuwait, any most tourists who drop by will reap the rewards of the multiple outlets.

They’re not just coming by for the discounts, but the village makes it easier for foreigners to receive tax back on their purchases at the register. The streets of the shopping center are also dotted with plenty of places for foreigners to exchange money.

If you think your next trip to London won’t be complete without a stop in Bicester, it’s an easy location to get to by commuter rail. For those who are less adventurous when it comes to public transportation, you will also find that many hotels in the city center offer free shuttles as well.