Find Your Solace In Southern Vietnam, Put Down The Backpack And Pick Up The Bubbly

When people think of Vietnam, they think of avid backpackers looking for an adventure and are more than willing to slum it in an old hostel for the duration of the trip. Although this side of Vietnam certainly exists, there is also the other side for tourists looking for a luxurious stay, as well as an adventure. There is the hustle and bustle of the city but there are also the more serene, tranquil parts of the country which gives you a taste of the culture but also an appreciation for the finer things.

There is no denying that walking the busy streets and being amongst the madness in Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh City can be extremely overwhelming and leaving your feet entirely sore from a day of exploring everything the city has to offer. For tourists feeling like they need some tlc, look no further than the luxurious Park Hyatt Saigon, a hotel which gives you an experience that is a million miles away from the rest of the city.

vietnam- hotel

Walking into the hotel, guests are greeted by a sprawling lobby, complete with crystal chandeliers and blooming bouquets of flowers, giving it an elegant yet vibrant finish. The rooms boast a French colonial style, appearing classy but giving that homely touch, making guests feel at home during their stay. The Hyatt takes pride and make an extra effort to ensure all of their guests have a relaxing stay, part of this being the excellent massages they provide.

vietnam- hotel room

The mouth watering food at the Hyatt is a highlight and absolutely not to be missed. The stand out dishes include succulent pork with crunchy prawn crackers and freshly baked bread with tangy anchovy tapenade with the individual flavors complementing each other exquisitely. The main dish of medium rare Australian wagyu steak was an experience in itself. The juicy steak almost melts in your mouth and although it is exceptionally filling, you can’t help but savor every last delicious bite. The breakfast buffet was excellent with a huge amount of choice, leaving you totally spoiled with the high quality food.

vietnam- sand

From the crazy city, head down south to the heavenly island of Phu Quoc for some relaxation and rest. The white sand beaches, crystal clear ocean and tropical jungle provides an unforgettable experience with views that look like something off a postcard. The stunning Le Veranda resort is situated right on the beach front, offering unspoiled views at all times of the day. The simple yet elegant rooms are in keeping with the rest of the hotel’s outdoorsy theme with the focus being on the natural beauty of the island.

Sit back and relax with a glass of champagne while watching the sunset in one of the most beautiful parts of Asia.