Florida’s Pink Hotel Is Open and Ready to Welcome Back Its Guests

Hacienda Hotel, a pink hotel in Florida, is finally all set to welcome back its guests after many years of renovation. This gorgeous property was established in 1927 and was one of the biggest draws for celebrities back in the day, like Charlie Chaplin. When Jim Gunderson, the hotelier, decided to restart this place, he made sure that this hotel didn’t lose its roots. He came up with the perfect example of a modern hotel without losing the history of Florida’s original pink hotel. Let’s take a peek inside this mesmerizing property!

Inside the Pink Hotel

Every traveler coming to the city for the first time must spend at least a night in this hotel for a comfortable and luxurious experience. There are 40 rooms on this property, including the king suite and guest rooms. As soon as you enter a room, your eyes will be awestruck by the relaxing view. According to Gunderson, the color scheme chosen was light, bright, and very Florida. There’s an open balcony for all on the second floor. Here, you can enjoy your evening coffee while sitting on a rocking chair.

Other Features and Amenities

To enjoy the best meal on your trip, head to the hotel’s restaurant Sasha. With every plate crafted by the executive chef, Tim Morrison, you’ll get a chance to dig deep into the best Mediterranean food. Morrison, during an interview, told the people that Hacienda ensures that a guest savors every bite he takes. In case you wish to organize a small event, you can also book a private dining room that can easily fit up to 25 people. The hotel also offers a board room for its corporate guests.