This Forest Hotel in Sweden Offers Luxury Stays Amidst Immersive Landscape

Luxury hotels don’t always need to be filled to the brim with high-end amenities or over-the-top entertainment. There are several unique stays across the world where luxury is actually the beauty of nature. A newly launched hotel in Southern Sweden promises such an immersive staying experience at the heart of a forest, where the silence, natural landscape, and simple architectural design have taken center stage.

The Hotel

Trakt Forest Hotel is a unique five-suite property, conceived by acclaimed Swedish architect Gert Wingardh. The distinct architecture of the hotel is inspired by traditional Swedish hunting towers, which are elevated from the ground for tracking moose. Retaining the architect’s penchant for dark bold tones and sharp geometric shapes, the forest suites of the hotel are built with locally sourced materials. The floating rooms are built on pillars, minimizing the environmental impact, and seamlessly blending the property with the surrounding tall trees.

The Interior

As Wingardh explains, simplicity is the key to appreciating nature, and the hotel embraces this very ethos at its core. Located in the southern part of Sweden, the elevated design of the Trakt Forest Hotel suites invokes a sense of privacy and safety. With Scandinavian simplicity in design and custom accents like locally-made chairs, sleek sofas, and wood-burning fireplaces, the suits of the hotel ooze understated indulging luxury. On top of everything, oversized windows and skylights allow the guests to immerse themselves in the lush beauty of the forest.

The Cuisine

The in-house restaurant, named Trakt Kitchen, is located in a timber house. Being true to the traditional culinary culture of Sweden, the restaurant specializes in authentic home-cooked fare prepared with locally sourced fresh ingredients. Mattias and Sandra Salleteg, the founders of the forest hotel, explain that they prefer to let their cooking take time, like making their own sourdough or smoking meat with patience. En-suite services are available for the guests, who can enjoy a breakfast basket or book a three-course lunch and dinner.