A Guide to Take a Whirlwind Trip To Slovenia

If you’re looking for an extraordinary visit filled with historic sites, dramatic landscapes, and delicious delicacies, look no further. Located in central and southeast Europe, Slovenia borders the Mediterranean Sea, touches the Alps, and is filled with authentic gastronomic scenes and abundant open green spaces. Ljubljana, the leafy capital of the country, even won the well-deserved Green Capital of Europe by the European Commission in 2016. Here are our top picks to spend a brief but memorable trip to Slovenia.

Experience Lake Bled

The spectacular Lake Bled is just an hour’s bus journey from Ljubljana city. This glacier-formed crystal blue lake is famed for its panoramic views and castle. Experience the serene and pleasant water by kayak or a solitary swim. Booking.com has recently named this popular lake in Slovenia one of the most welcoming travel destinations in the world.

Explore Triglav National Park

Considered one of the most beautiful and oldest national parks in all of Europe, Triglav National Park is located near the Ljubljana Castle. Stretched across the northeastern part of Slovenia and covering the major part of the Eastern Julian Alps, the park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering year-round activities blended with picturesque views. Rent a two-wheeler or go for a hike to explore Mount Triglav. The tranquil valley of Triglav Lakes and the unspoiled beaches of the park are other popular attractions for tourists.

Visit Ljubljana Castle

Sitting atop a 375 meters-high hill in Slovenia, 900 years old Ljubljana Castle is an iconic Baroque architecture. The relatively new 19th-century watchtower is worth climbing the 95 steps and the ramparts to experience the breathtaking panoramic cityscape, basked in the sunset. The central courtyard is free to enter and features a restaurant, café, nightclub, and galleries. You can reach the spot via the 70m-long funicular from Ljubljana’s Old Town. A tourist train also departs every hour for the destination from south of the Ljubljana TLC.

Enjoy Watersports on the Lakes of Bohinj

The blue lakes of Bohinj in the Triglav National Park, in Slovenia, are the perfect playgrounds for those seeking an adrenaline-packed experience of watersports. From canyoning to kayaking, and boating to white water rafting, there’s something for everyone. If you desire some calming relaxed moments, just take a rejuvenating swim in the serene crystal clear mountain lakes.

Eat to Your Heart’s Desire

No trip to a new country is complete without exploring the local cuisine – and Slovenia has plenty to offer! Head to the famous open kitchen of Ljubljana city for an authentic local food hunt. Running only in the summer, the Pogacar Square at the central market in Ljubljana turns into Odprta Kuhna, or open kitchen, with a lot of food stalls offering local delicacies from Slovenia and also surrounding countries. If fine dining is your game, then there’s Atelje, one of the most famed restaurants in the city. Jorg Zupan, the head chef of this Michelin-starred restaurant, proudly serves a tasting menu. The menu is creatively prepared with local and seasonal ingredients, and in-house organic products, inspired by authentic and traditional Slovenian recipes.

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