Helsinki, Finland: A City Guidе to What to Do and See There

Helsinki, Finland is a city that has changed quite a bit over the past decade. It used to be a city that many believed lacked emotion. The harbor was more functional than fabulous, and the food scene was decent but uninspiring. Now, the city has practically done a full 360 and is more alive and exciting than ever. With numerous dinner options, appealing architecture, and a vast range of things to do, the city is one that should be explored properly.

Scenic summer panorama of the Market Square (Kauppatori) at the Old Town pier in Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki, Finland: A City Guidе to What to Do and See There

When to Visit and Where to Stay in Helsinki

There are long winters in Helsinki that typically last from November to March. This often means that the sun sets mid-afternoon and the temperatures hover around freezing. However, the city still has a cozy charm during these months. The summer, from May to September, features up to 19 hours of daylight and much more pleasant temperatures. Here’s where you can stay:

Klaus K This hotel was once an art building, and it has a long roof terrace that is perfect for a nightcap. The hotel’s design pays respect to the Kalevala, which is Finland’s national poem. It features murals of fair maidens that have fiery hair.

Hotel Kämp This is often argued to be one of Finland’s best five-star hotels. It’s known to be a hotel for royalty and rockstars. It’s also known for the accommodation that is provided – afternoon tea.

What to See in Helsinki

Of course, when you visit Helsinki, you’re going to want to have a plan for what to see. Here are some options:

Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral
Helsinki, Finland: A City Guidе to What to Do and See There

This is only one of the many photographic churches in Helsinki. It’s a Lutheran cathedral that looks like it’s fit for St. Petersburg as it features onion domes and neoclassical columns.

Design Museum Here visitors will find exhibits that have the likes of the video game Angry Birds, the cell phone boom from the 2000s, Bubble Chairs, and more from the designer and architect Alvar Aalto.

4 Pro Tips for Packing Smarter

Bags say a lot about travelers. The type and size of a travel bag speaks volumes. But only when the luggage is unzipped, we can see how travel-savvy it really is. Here are a few universal guidelines to pack your bag easily and effectively to save you from potential baggage hazards during your trip.

Choosing the Right Bag

Packing starts with the right bag. And it’s time to take the advantage of modern luggage designs, which come with conveniently divided sections, 360o wheels, compression straps, and even digital tracking tags. Carry-ons are great if you want to reduce or skip any applicable baggage fees while traveling by air. But, as airlines are tightening enforcement due to the present pandemic situation, you must comply with the current carry-on rules of your airline.

The 1-2-3-4-5-6 Packing Rule

Here is one of the best and simplest travel packing tips. Follow these basic numbers while packing for a week-long trip.

1 hat or cap 2 pairs of shoes 3 pairs of pants, skirts, or bottom wears of your choice 4 shirts, tops, or upper-wears of your choice 5 pairs of socks 6 sets of undergarments

This list can be modified according to your personal preference, need, and the nature of your trip. For example, a business trip will require a completely different wardrobe than a cruising trip. Or maybe you prefer to change your day clothes every evening. But if you are not sure and confused about the amount of clothing to pack, this thumb rule list is a good place to start.

Replacing the Material With Digital

Papers can be bulky, but bytes are not! Consider downloading travel guides, maps, translation apps, and reading materials for your trip on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or any other digital device instead of carrying them with you physically. But remember, your travel documents are the only exception here! It’s a good idea to store digital copies of your itinerary, ID proof, passport, and, a new addition, vaccination certificates. However, packing a few printed versions is a good idea, as well.

Going for a Test Drive

Don’t get confused! We’re talking about taking your fully packed travel bag for a test drive. Trust us, it’s highly helpful. Carry the suitcase by the handle for a while. Strap the backpack on your back and walk the streets for some time. Try lugging the bag up and down the stairs. These exercises will give you a reality check of the load you are about to carry along in your trip. You can then make necessary adjustments, accordingly!