Indonesian Rainbow Village Brings Joy To Locals And Tourists Alike

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and the phrase certainly applies to this Indonesian “rainbow village.”

Rainbow Village Indonesia

Since its sensational makeover, Kampung Pelangi is a fresh hot spot for tourists looking to try something new during their time in the Far East.

Located in the Randusari region of Indonesia, the community council officially labelled Kampung Pelangi the “Rainbow Village.” And based on Instagram photos posted by recent passers-by, it’s pretty obvious as to why.

The little village was originally a low profile place where you would rarely see outsiders step foot in. But the local council injected over $22,000 into the village, hoping to transform Kampung Pelangi into a prime tourist destination with a technicolor scheme.

Rainbow Village Indonesia

By the end of spring, the community completed the month long project, which is now on display. It’s waiting to bless crowds of travellers as diverse as the color scheme that it had been recently painted in.

The initiative also helped strengthen ties between members of the community. The community project brought all types of people together to work towards a common goal. Even the mayor of Semarang, Hendrar Prihadi, had a part to play in the renovation, painting some of the houses himself.

The design is a powerful combination of multi-colored patterns and psychedelic street art on every corner. For example, one wall showcases a pair of angel wings engulfed in a rainbow background. On another corner, a 3-D shark-like creature can be seen, waiting to chomp at passing tourists.

Rainbow Village Shark

54-year-old teacher Slamet Widodo was inspired to transform the village. This was after seeing similar makeovers take place in other parts of the world.

In an interview with the Jakarta Post, Widodo explained, “The idea to create Kampung Pelangi came after we saw the beauty of Kampung Warna-warni and Kampung Tridi in Malang, and later Kampung Kali Code in Yogyakarta.”

Each step you take in the village is a different color. It’s safe to say that the days when the buildings were dull and dirty feel like a distant memory for these hardworking locals.