Jamaican Resort Has Over-The-Water Bungalows With Glass Floors

A beach resort on the Caribbean island of Jamaica has a group of bungalows that seemingly hover over the ocean’s surface. Inside, there are stunning glass floors that allow guests to stare into the turquoise-colored waters.

bungalows 1

The twelve bungalows make up a beautiful luxury complex that can be found on the Sandals South Coast in Whitehouse, Jamaica. From a bird’s eye view, you can see that the bungalows form to make a heart shape, but that’s just scratching the surface of this stunning structure.

The wooden complex’s design takes inspiration from palapa-style architecture but ultimately puts a modern spin on it. The bungalows were recently opened and include a lot of cool facilities. There is a hammock that you can use that hangs over the water as well as an outdoor shower.

Other features include tubs that are designed for just two people, creating an intimate atmosphere. However, it is the inside of each bungalow that is the real game-changer for beach resorts. The see-through glass floors inside the bungalows allow guests to gaze into the stunning Caribbean waters.

bungalows 3

That’s not all though, each bungalow has a king-size bed and each bathroom is basically a small spa. To put a cherry on the icing of this exquisite Jamaican cake, the evenings are absolutely stunning in Sandals’ bungalows.

The glass floors have lights that turn on at night to create a beautiful illuminating effect. There are plenty of other over-water amenities on the resort, such as the Latitudes Bar.

Guests can take a short walk to this beautiful bar, sit in a hammock and sip away on their favorite cocktail. There is even a wedding chapel that hangs over the water for a truly breathtaking experience for those who wish to tie the knot.

bungalows 2

Sandals are becoming renowned for their over-the-water facilities. Other locations that they have opened up include Sandals Royal Caribbean and Sandals Grand St. Lucian.