The Last Great Frontiers For Travel

Not everyone’s idea of a vacation is the hustle and bustle of a huge metropolitan city, but where can you truly travel now a days and not be surrounded by throngs of other tourists? The last great frontier is out there, and it exists in a few select and secluded environments. The whisper of wind bouncing off of cliff faces and the wide expanses of unadulterated forest lands hold a special place in our hearts. If to be free of human noise and technological interference is your idea of a dream vacation than you’re totally going to dig these destinations.

Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii

Home to a dormant volcano, this national park on the Hawaiian Island of Maui is possibly the closest you’ll ever come to feeling like you’re walking on the moon. The Haleakala National Park is home to an endangered goose species and other rare animals. This sacred landscape will renew your spirit and provide you with an unforgettable vacation. Plan your escape today.

frontier- hawaii

Kelso Dunes, California

Deep in the heart of the Mojave desert, the Kelso Dune Fields are part of a protected national reserve near the town of Baker, California. The tallest dunes rise up to 650 feet above the stunning desert terrain and are incomparable to anything you’ve ever seen before. Known for a unique phenomenon called “singing sand”, desert hikers experience low frequency rumbles when they slide down dunes that can be both felt and heard.

travel- kelso

Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada

It’s easy to see why people love visiting the Grasslands National Park. As far as the eye can see, fields of gold and toasted brown will delight your senses. This park lies on the border of Montana and Saskatchewan and get’s it’s unique characteristics from erosion caused by glacier runoff. You’ll love spending time in the company of wild prairie dogs and swift foxes and other endangered species found in the area.

travel- grasslands

Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota

Indulge yourself in the great outdoors. If you love hiking, fishing, or taking a boat out onto clear waters, then this park is for you. Explore the interior lakes and lose yourself in the silence. This outdoors-man’s dream is comprised of more than 340 square miles of undisturbed Minnesota wilderness.

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This list obviously doesn’t cover all of the options that exist out there but hopefully it provides you with a bit of inspiration in finding your quiet place in a world of constant responsibility and stress. So give up the computer, store that cellphone, and pack your sleeping bag for an experience you’ll never forget.