What The Most Searched Destinations In 2018 Had In Common

As 2018 comes to a close, we take a look at the most picked destinations from this year and have made predictions for where everyone will be heading in 2019. This year, many millennials flocked to the Greek island of Mykonos with thanks to many A-listers’ approval as Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski documented their travels on social media. Meanwhile, solo female travel became more of a thing with many popular spots including Cuba, Sri Lanka, and Portugal. So where are we heading next?

What The Most Searched Destinations In 2018 Had In Common

While sightseeing in San Francisco, partying in Cancun, or lounging on the pink sand beach in the Bahamas became popular places to go this year, according to a new trend report from Pinterest, these places may be a thing of the past in 2019. The popular idea-sharing site has recently released its predictions for the top 100 trends for the new year and it seems for the 250 million users, there is one thing that they all have in common when it comes to where they want to travel.

What The Most Searched Destinations In 2018 Had In Common

In order to come to its conclusion, Pinterest analyzed trending search terms. This year saw phrases like “abandoned castles,” “small town travel,” and “less traveled islands” came out on top and are expected to continue to rise. The common theme in the 2018 travel report was an adventure, with one of the top-searched phrases being “secret spots.”

What The Most Searched Destinations In 2018 Had In Common

Therefore, it seems that all users want is a place that no one knows about, places less traveled, or roads less seen. No longer are we looking to Instagram for advice for the best places to go, as Pinterest reports that searches for “less traveled islands” is up by 179%. Vrångö is a lesser-known travel destination which may become a hit as well as Gugh in Cornwall. Similarly, the search for the best hush-hush holiday destinations is up by 192% according to the global image saving platform.

What The Most Searched Destinations In 2018 Had In Common

With the less-traveled islands becoming more popular, it may actually be best to take yourself to a known popular destination for some quiet time in 2019.

Plan a Secluded Vacation on Necker Island, Richard Branson’s Place

Necker Island, bird's eye view

It’s no secret that the rich and the famous often like to find seclusion in the biggest mansions of the farthest islands. Sir Richard Branson is one of the lucky men to have an entire island all to himself. That, however, is about to change. Located in the crystal clear waters of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, Necker Island is now open to visitors again.

Necker Island’s Recovery from Hurricane Irma

Branson’s island was a paradise and a favorite spot for destination weddings until it was struck by the devastating Hurricane Irma back in 2017. The good news is that Branson invested in a two-year rebuild that was recently completed. Necker Island is now more luxurious and lush than ever before.

A New Luxury Vacation Spot

Necker Island, watersport activities When it comes to finding luxury and seclusion, the opulent private island, which can accommodate up to 22 guests at a time, ticks both boxes. Those guests can enjoy a number of perks on the 74-acre estate, such as a private beach and stretch of water, water sports, private tennis lessons with a professional coach, and so much more. Not to mention the breathtaking views over the Caribbean all the way from the infinity pools and the floating sushi bar.

In terms of booking your stay there, you can go for a full buyout, or use the “Celebration Week” to book individual rooms. Necker Island welcomes all types of guests, from solo travelers to couples and families.

A Piece of Paradise

Aside from luxury, Necker Island will delight guests with its rich flora and fauna. Once there, you’ll be able to see flamingos, lemurs, iguanas, and tortoises in their natural habitat. The best part? The private resort is built with as much concern about the surrounding nature as possible. Nearly 90% of it runs on renewable energy.

Sir Richard Branson

In a recent statement, Branson shared his joy to be sharing the idyllic island with its future guests.