Win A Competition To Spend A Night In A House Made Of LEGO

Many people can look back on their childhoods with fond memories, but one particular pastime can never be forgotten – playing with LEGO. Now, you can relive those memories in a house made out of the iconic building blocks.

lego 2

Airbnb has struck a deal with LEGO to create a living experience that gives customers a full service with all things blockey.

The LEGO House has been opened in Billund, Denmark, the place of the toy’s origin. The house is full of amazing activities that the whole family can enjoy.

However,  you can’t just simply book a room, at this moment in time. One has to enter a competition in order to stand a chance of winning a night at the “hotel.”

Applicants need to fill out a form, writing what exactly they would build with their family if they had all the LEGO bricks in the world.

Winners will be able to spend a night at the house, and enjoy all things lego related. This includes a fully furnished LEGO bedroom and a kitchen.

Also, stayers get the chance to design their own room with the help of the Airbnb host, Jamie Berard, who is an expert LEGO builder.


First entries will commence on 24 November and the first port of call will see entrants construct their own meal out of LEGO. The finished piece will then be taken to the kitchen and converted into a real-life representation.

At that point, the winners will have the house to themselves and they’ll be able to play until their hearts are content.

Berard assists the winners in their night stay and shows them some of the main highlights of the house, such as the six million brick Tree of Creativity.

Winners will also be able to shoot movies, make cars and create landscapes. The winners are finally escorted to their suites, that have two bedrooms and baths made of blocks.

lego 4