Hop on a Pastel Picnic Boat For the Perfect Palm Beach Experience

Palm Beach in Florida is stunning from any angle. But nothing is better than seeing this pink paradise from the water. Now you can choose to soak in the beauty of this scenic beach with a cute personal Palm Beach-style picnic boat to explore the area.

The Palm Yachts

The Palm Yachts is a collection of cute pastel-hued picnic boats that are available to charter to explore the splendor of the beach. The mastermind of this initiative is the local sister-duo Danielle Norcross and Beth Beattie Aschenbach. They are the bloggers of “Palm Beach Lately,” the popular PB lifestyle blog. They have partnered with Danielle’s husband Jason, who runs “Yachts Lately”, his own one-man show. As a professional yacht broker, Jason has years of experience in the world of boating, so he’s the perfect partner and advisor for this unique and fun venture! These picnic boats are also available for purchase.

The Boats

The Palm Yachts currently includes a fleet of fully restored and custom-designed 17-foot long center console style Boston Whaler boats. As Norcross informed, they have created custom blue, mint, and pink pastel shades for the boats, with matching cabana-striped Bimini tops. They have also added cushions with piping and many other special touches like accent lighting, a phone charging station, a Fusion Bluetooth stereo, and two Yeti coolers to make the boat comfortable.

The Service

These boats can accommodate up to six people and are available for rent from two hours to up to eight hours to enjoy a full day of fun. There will be a licensed captain in each boat. Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Jupiter are the pick-up and drop-off locations of the ride. These unique picnic boats are the perfect way to go island-hopping or sunset cruising, and are also great to host a birthday, anniversary, or a bachelorette party with true Palm Beach vibes.

3 Simple Hiking Exercises for Everyone Too Busy to Work Out

A trail sign from a hiking path in Northeastern Pennsylvania with golden foliage in the background
3 Simple Hiking Exercises for Everyone Too Busy to Work Out

Finding an hour to train each day can be really tough. Going to the gym can take even longer than that. Still, if you’re planning on going hiking this summer, you need to be prepared. So, how can you do that with little time? Glad you asked. Check out these three do-anywhere exercises to get you trail-ready without disrupting your day-to-day routine!

1. Get Ready For Hiking Season With Short Blitz Workouts

young woman doing a plank exercise
3 Simple Hiking Exercises for Everyone Too Busy to Work Out

Just because you don’t have time for a full workout, it doesn’t mean you should skip working out altogether. Give blitz sessions a chance instead. Pull up your phone, set a timer for a couple of minutes, and use the duration to alternate between lower and upper body exercise. For example, you can do a circuit of 5 pushups and 10 squats. You’ll need no more than 4-5 minutes for that. If your goal is to strengthen your core, instead of squats and pushups, you can do planks. Keep a plank position for 10 seconds, then rest for 5, and continue to alternate until the time runs out.

2. Fartlek Intervals for Better Speed and Endurance

person walking on a lonely road
3 Simple Hiking Exercises for Everyone Too Busy to Work Out

Fartlek refers to “Speed play” intervals used to improve your speed and hiking endurance. The best part is there’s no hard rule to follow. Next time you’re out walking, pick a mailbox, a storefront, or a tree and pick up your pace until you reach that target. Aim for time slots between 30 to 60 seconds of increased walking. Once you’ve reached the target, slow down and recover before repeating the same routine. Do this exercise 8 to 10 times for each mile you walk.

3. Do Calf Raises Throughout the Day

people doing calf raises
3 Simple Hiking Exercises for Everyone Too Busy to Work Out

Calf raises take no equipment, no preparation, and you can do them while your coffee is brewing in the morning or while waiting in line at the grocery store. To do a calf raise, you first need to position your feet at shoulder width with your toes pointing straight ahead. Shift your weight to your toes and raise your body until it rests solely on them. You’ll feel your calf muscles contract. Increase the number of raises you do each day to get you in the perfect hiking shape!