Rainy Day Suggestions When Visiting Orlando

When it comes to family vacations in the United States, Orlando is one of the most sought out destinations. Thanks to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and Sea World, the Florida city brings in 52 million tourists per year.

Everyone wants to shake Mickey’s hand or visit Harry Potter World. Unfortunately, those stops are not as fun when you’re stuck in a day of Florida rain. Fortunately, Orlando has plenty of enjoyable indoor offerings to keep your vacation moving along.

iFly Indoor Skydiving

Are you interested in the sensation of skydiving but have a crippling fear of heights? iFly Indoor Skydiving brings the thrill from the skies into two all-glass wind tunnels that give guests the illusion of skydiving.

Andretti Indoor Karting And Games

The joys of the teacups ride might be unattainable on a stormy day, but Andretti Indoor Karting and Games will give you and the little ones the ride of a lifetime through its multi-level go-karting track. In addition, you can indulge in various arcade games and bowling.

Sea Life Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando might get all the attention as far as marine animals in the greater Orlando area are concerned, but Sea Life Orlando has one major advantage – it is all indoors.

The highlight is the 360-degree Underwater Tunnel which gives visitors an up-close and personal view of the various sharks, stingrays, and aquatic life. Shamu might be at the famed theme park, but the themed exhibits are great for a family outing.

Crayola Experience

Parents that thought their children loved playing with crayons did not know how far crayon love could go. The Crayola Experience has 26 crayon-themed activities for kids. They can play on the crayon playground, “doodle in the dark,” name and wrap their own crayon. You can even meet a Crayonologist for a closer look into the Crayola world.