This Ski Camp Above Telluride Welcomes Backcountry Skiers to a Winter Paradise

For die-heart snowboarders and skiers, nothing can surpass the sensation of spending days surrounded by towering mountains and unspoiled powder fields, all at 12,500 feet of height! But that’s just normal for Bridal Veil Backcountry Ski Camp. Located above Telluride, Colorado, this brand-new ski camp has kicked off its opening season on the 18th of February.

The Experience

This new Telluride backcountry skiing experience offers day-long ridings on fresh tracks across the snow-covered San Juan Mountains with hot meals and luxe camping. The experience includes three days of guided skiing with backcountry ski equipment and two nights of camping with meals. After spending the day skiing with AMGA-certified ski guides, you will retire to your high-alpine winter camp to enjoy a steaming hot meal lounging around the bonfire. At night, you’ll get rewarded with an unparalleled stargazing experience on one of the country’s amazingly star-studded darkest skies. This comparatively remote spot is all about enjoying top-notch riding, cozy comfort, and memorable moments.

The Camping

Sitting in the Upper Bridal Veil Basin at a remarkable 12,500 feet and located above Telluride, the ski camp takes its inspiration from expedition-based big-mountain Alaskan camps. It’s conveniently outfitted with luxurious goodies to keep the guests warm, such as heated Arctic oven tents containing heavy-duty down sleeping bags and sleeping cots. You’ll need to get to the backcountry gate at Telluride Ski Resort to access the camp.

The Endeavor

This new skiing venture is the result of a joint partnership between Telluride Helitrax and Mountain Trip. Being the original and the only full-service snowboarding and heli-skiing operation in Colorado, Telluride Helitrax has effectively made the whole experience much easier by arranging for most of the gear to be transported by helicopter. This ensures added comforts for the guests, like hot catered meals, camp-provided down jackets, and other extra add-ons. According to the co-owner of Mountain Trip, Bill Allen, the trips by this new camp are a great opportunity for pro snowboarders and skiers who desire a quieter and more comfortable backcountry experience.

Booking Details

The Bridal Veil Backcountry Ski Camp experience at Telluride is specially designed for proficient riders and skiers experienced in the backcountry. The trips will run every weekend from 18th February-2nd April. A private booking of the camp can house a maximum of eight people. Single riders or small groups can share the camp with other guests to balance costs.