Discover South Africa’s Most Beautiful Beach

Camps Bay in Cape Town, South Africa is easily the most visited beach in the country. While native Capetonians may disagree, Camps Bay is a clear winner as an all around favorite. As the number of visitors has steadily increased each year, the reasons for Camps Bay’s popularity are clear.


First off, it’s one of the most easily accessible beaches in the country, as it is reachable by a number of different city bus routes. It’s also so close to the city center, that a taxi to the water front is relatively cheap.

Due to its proximity to so many different parts of Cape Town, it’s also one of the most diverse beaches in the area. Another plus is that the beach is so wide, there’s plenty of space for everyone on the sand, no matter how many others have the same idea.

Apostles from Camps Bay

Camps Bay features some of the best beach scenery in South Africa, even among beaches in Cape Town, from the mountains towering above the metropolis in the background to the exceptional sunsets over this southerly stretch of the Atlantic ocean.

There’s something for everyone along this sandy shore, whether you prefer swimming or sunbathing, gentle tidal pools, or beachside sports. Though the water temperature remains somewhat chilly throughout the year, on a sunny day, a dip in the ocean is perfectly revitalizing. When you’re done, you can rinse off the salt and sand at a number of well maintained showers.


To fuel your beach trip, there’s an endless array of cafes, restaurants, and bars situated along the water, whatever your price range. You can find exclusive clubs for late night entertainment as well as modest dives, if that’s your vibe. Few other locals can compete with the variety on offer at Camps Bay.

Whatever you may be looking for on your trip to Cape Town, you can find it in some form or another along this stretch of the shore.