Small Swiss Town Unveils World’s Steepest Funicular Railway

The world is full of unique structures, and just before you thought you had seen everything the locomotive industry could throw it at you, look again. There is a railway in Switzerland that is practically vertical.

railway 1

In the small mountainous town of Stoos, there is a railway that is on record for being the steepest funicular one on the planet. It has only been open for a brief period of time and is considered by many to be a railway of the future.

This is no small part due to its sci-fi-esque design. The Stoos Bahn has carriages that are designed to make sure that passengers sit upright for the entirety of their trip.

This railway was no cheap effort, by any means. Taking nearly 15 years to construct, the project is believed to have cost somewhere in the region of $50 million and $55 million USD.

railway 2

Although the distance from the towns Schwyz to Stoos isn’t actually that long, this shouldn’t take anything away from this incredible piece of technology.

What makes this railway so amazing is its ability to adjust itself depending on the level of steepness it is at. The carts can climb up to 2400 feet, with the entire ascent taking about two to five minutes long. It has broken the world record for the steepest funicular, inclining to 110%.

A representative from Stoos-Muotatal tourism commented on their recent achievements. “The funicular railway from Schwyz to Stoos is the steepest in the world, and is a technical marvel that already turns the journey into an experience”, they said.

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“Arriving on the Stoos Bahn, guests will discover a holiday paradise in summer and winter.” Not only is the experience an enthralling one for tourists, it is also a useful way to bridge the gap between communities such as Stoos and Schwyz. The carts can carry nearly 140 people.