You Won’t Believe These Stunning Landscape Pics Aren’t Photoshopped

Believe it or not, these incredible pics of the Slovenian countryside are the real deal, and not Photoshopped! They were taken by prominent Romanian photographer Aurel Paduraru, who became acquainted with the country during a vacation. He was enthralled by the churches generously smattered amongst the gentle rolling hills and the intense colors of the scenery, which look like they were enhanced through computer magic. But despite our first instincts from living in this technologically advanced world, Aurel’s photographs show us that we still have the ability to be stunned by the organic beauty that Mother Nature has to offer us.

Aurel Paduraru’s vacation quickly went from pleasure to business, as he got out his trusty camera and began to document the beauty he saw around him. He said in an interview, “In the eight days I spent taking pictures here, I covered the whole country and managed to visit places very few people have spent time in. A very cute thing for me was the fact that my wife and three-year-old child came during the trip. I loved the fact that they woke up everyday to see the sunrise with me and also waited to see the sunset. I will remember Slovenia for all of my life because I feel like a part of my heart remained there.”

But Aurel Paduraru wasn’t alone on this magical journey. Lucky for him, his wife and child went along for the ride, so he was able to experience all the beauty that Slovenia has to offer along with his most cherished loved ones. There’s something just so bittersweet about having such a powerful moment by yourself (sort of “if a tree falls in the forest…” scenario). We’re glad to see that among all this natural wonder, Aurel Paduraru will be able to share the memories with his family for years to come.