Watch The Sun Set Over A Volcano While Swimming In This Infinity Pool

Most beach vacations can be characterized by a desire to relax in the sun and soak up as many beautiful sunsets as possible. In most cases, you may lingering in the embrace of the sand, feeling the heat dissipate from around you as the sun casts an orange glow on the earth before melting into the sea.

However, for a truly unforgettable sunset moment, you can now watch the sun set while swimming in an infinity pool set over a volcano on the island of Santorini. What makes this sunset spot even more special, is the lack of fellow travelers you’ll encounter in your pursuit of the perfect Instagram moment.

From the boutique Grace Santonrini hotel, you can grab a cocktail at the bar before taking a dip in the pool and relishing the wonder of the landscape. The hotel itself is tucked into a cliff that towers over the top of Imerovigli volcano.

Though the towns Imerovigli is nestled between are bustling vacation towns, Imerovigli itself features the highest end hotels, given the serenity of its environment. The large infinity pool itself may not come close to Olympic size, its perfect for the small scale of the hotel itself.

The Grace Santorini aims to take its guest experience a step further by completely customizing your stay, even down to the scent that is used in your room. Not only that, you’ll be able to choose the kind of bath products provided in your room. Don’t feel pressured to spend every single one of your sunsets in the pool, however.

The hotel was designed with an elegant champagne lounge that also faces to the west, so you can relax in the glow of the setting sun with a glass of bubbly in hand, before heading off for a personalized spa treatment of course.