The Best Times to Visit Switzerland, According to Local Experts

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The beautiful European country Switzerland is known for its sparkling lakes and scenic hiking trails, but the place has so much more to offer, like delicious Swiss Chocolates, fairytale hotels, and, of course, the magnificent Alpine landscape, which should be on your travel bucket list. If you’re planning to visit Switzerland, here are the best and the worst times to travel to the city for a pleasant getaway.

Visiting Based on Seasons

The best time to visit Switzerland so you can enjoy soothing weather is during late spring, summer, or early autumn. These are the months when tourists encounter mild temperatures and longer daylight hours, so they can easily explore the city. If you are going to Switzerland only for skiing purposes, visiting in winter is best. From December to February, the Alps look like a giant snow globe where you can get your snowboard on.

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When you visit the place in spring or fall, also called the shoulder seasons, you get fewer crowds as well as possibly lower rates on most of the lavish hotels. You can even enjoy most of the activities and journey through the city without having to stand in lines and wait for your turn.

Getting the Lowest Prices

It’s probably not surprising that visiting Switzerland can get expensive, but if you decide to travel in the off-season, you’ll save a lot of money. What’s best is you may get some freebies like room upgrades or complimentary amenities when traveling to Switzerland in the off-season or when the hotel isn’t at its capacity.

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Whenever you decide to visit this gorgeous country, no one can deny that you’re in for a treat. Your experience will vary based on the time of year, but each season brings tourists a unique side of the country that they wouldn’t see otherwise.