Take A Look Inside Dubai’s Seven-Star Hotel, the Burj Al Arab

Staying in a hotel can make you feel like a king. With the right accommodations, your stay can feel less like a vacation and more like heaven. This statement is no more real than at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

While the hotel lacks any modesty, Burj Al Arab is the only hotel of its kind in the world and the finest luxury lodging in the world. The Daily Mail‘s Becky Pemberton was invited to take a look inside.

Ms. Pemberton’s trip to Burj Al Arab got off to a hot start before she even arrived at the hotel. She was escorted to the hotel from the airport in a personal white Rolls Royce.

Upon arriving, she was greeted by the hotel lobby’s massive fountain which stretches high towards the ceiling. Fortunately for Ms. Pemberton, her room fee was paid for, so she did not need to lay out the over $1,200 a night.

Rooms at the Burj Al Arab are nothing short of spectacular. The hotel has 202 suites, all of which are two-floor duplexes with everything you could ever need. Ms. Pemberton’s room was closer to a luxury apartment than standard hotel room.

It had a massive walk-in closet, an office space with a Mac, Hermes branded toiletries and a butler. Chocolates on her pillow? How about a fresh plate of treats every time she returned to her room. Unhappy with your pillow? You can choose from a menu of 17 options.

The hotel is designed to look like a sail representing Dubai’s nautical history and has incredible views out onto the water. It has become the site of plenty public relation stunts.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal played tennis on its helipad. Tiger Woods teed off from the helipad.

At the top of the sail, guests can eat at Al Muntaha, the hotel’s luxury restaurant. This fine dining experience comes with the best panoramic views that Dubai has to offer. All in all, the Burj Al Arab provides one once-in-a-lifetime opportunity after the next.