Take A Luxury Vacation To Antarctica

Get your snow boots, clamps, and down jackets ready for an adventure like no other: Antarctica. We’ve come a long way since the first explorers who faced the uncharted, frozen wasteland with no idea what was ahead of them. Today, there are luxury vacations that go to the continent with the South Pole.

ice cave

The White Desert offers luxury adventures to Antarctica, in conjunction with the Ellerman House, a five-star hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. You could go for a 24-hour adventure that involves flying in private jet to the island.

They have a few options, though. Beyond the one-day trip, there is a four-day trip to Ulvetanna Peak. The longest trip offered is eight-days-long, where the lucky travelers get to see Emperor penguins as well as reach the South Pole.

The way it works is you first lodge in the Ellerman House for a few evenings, as you prepare for the journey. Then, the five-and-a-half hour flight is taken on a private jet- a Gulfstream G550, to be exact. The meal on the plane is gourmet; Wagyu beef and sushi. As a refreshment, there is an offering of a unique cocktail that is cooled using ice from the destination continent.

gulfstream jet

The one day trip itinerary includes an excursion to the Schirmacher Oasis, where the 12 participants can climb rocks, go into ice tunnels, and take pictures of the beautiful, barren landscape.

If you decide to stay for longer, White Desert offers a sleeping space at Whichaway Camp. Not to worry about the cold- each of the sleeping pods is warm and cozy. Guests then have a choice of what they would like to explore, which is as extreme-sports friendly as zip lining, and as nerdy as visiting science bases.

ice hiking

If you can afford the $195,000 cost, it’s the ultimate vacation for someone looking for a unique adventure, but done lavishly.