Ride The Tequila Train To One Of The Most Magical Places In The World

Deep in the state of Jalisco, in central Mexico, you can find the tiny community of Tequila. The town, which is considered Pueblo Mágico, a magical town, by the Mexican Secretariat of Tourism, is being discovered by tequila lovers from around the world, and they are discovering that their drink of tequila comes from somewhere special.

However, it is not only the final destination which truly delivers when reaching the community of Tequila but the journey there is just as spectacular.

First, travelers have to make their way to Guadalajara, Mexico, a traveling gem in its own right and the second-largest city in Mexico. After spending time in the capital of Jalisco, it is time to head to Tequila by boarding the Jose Cuervo Express.


The black and gold, vintage-style train, which runs only on the weekends, provides plush booths in first class, where guests have three poured tequila tastings waiting for them. While guests travel through the untouched Mexican countryside for two hours, they are also treated to a plate of candied agave, a coffee bean, shreds of oak barrel, and lime rinds.

During this time, they are also treated to an extensive lesson about tequila by a master tequilier, who teaches you many of the drinks facts you were probably unaware of.

He even teaches you the right ways to drink tequila. Not too long later, guests arrive at their destination of Tequila. They hear the sound of mariachi music from the moment the doors open, and they are given a warm welcome into the town of just 40,000 people.


While Mexico continues to be the most visited country for tourists from the United States, perhaps the next visit to the country should include this magical place. While you may learn a thing or two, it also feels like you have been transported back in time and is like nowhere you’ve ever been.