Things to Avoid in Morocco

Morocco, like any other place, has its own set of rules. Being a conservative and religious society, the place is one of the tourism hotspots where the tourists have to abide by certain unspoken or oftentimes spoken rules and regulations set by the locals. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or it’s one of your all-time favorite tourism spots, you can never get to know a country too well. With that being said, here is a list of things you should take note of while visiting Morocco.

Insult the Monarchy

Like many countries, it is considered a vile and criminal offense to disrespect or insult the Monarchy in any way. Make sure you don’t speak ill of the King or else you could actually land in jail for three years. It is considered to be a punishable and serious crime in the country. While anything offensive said by accident may be ignored, making jokes, criticisms, or speaking ill of the King could land you in serious trouble. So, just be nice for a couple of days.

Wear Beachwear Away From the Beach

While it may seem like the most ‘tourist’ thing to do, exploring a new place in clothes you find comfortable and feel light may seem like an easy option. However, keep away from beachwear as it is not something appreciated by the locals in the country. People in Morocco are very conservative and consider revealing clothes to be offensive.

Disrespect the Religion

While it is not appreciated in any country, Morocco has some strict rules against any activity that may contribute to disrespecting the religion and religious beliefs of the locals. Muslim is one of the major religions in the country. Nearly 90% of the population in the country is Muslim. So, make sure you abide by the rules and avoid any activity that may convey disrespect towards the Sufi religion.

This New York Rockaways Beach Hotel Has Us Dreaming of Summer

While most people’s vacation plans have been put on hold due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s never too early to start thinking about your next trip, right? Most people head to the state of New York to check out the Big Apple, Niagara Falls, or the Hamptons, it seems as though more and more people are checking out the Rockaway Peninsula. New developments are popping up in this area all the time, and this new beach hotel has us seriously dreaming of some summer sun…

In The Heart of Rockaway

The Rockaway Peninsula has seen a surge in its popularity over the years, and it’s not hard to understand why. Who doesn’t want to explore the beach while being under an hour away from New York City? Rockaway has become one of the buzziest beach communities in the state, but it has often struggled with the number of people who want to spend their time here in the past. Thankfully, a new hotel offers up a whole new accommodation option.

The Rockaway Hotel

This new development is called The Rockaway Hotel – and staying true to its surroundings, it has been built as the ultimate beach hotel. The aim of this hotel is to provide all-year-round service to those who need it and to offer amenities that just can’t be beaten by any other Airbnb or accommodation option out there. It has everything, including numerous bars and restaurants, 53 guest rooms, eight extended-stay suites, a pool deck, and some seriously impressive views of the beach and the ocean.

An Impressive Project

There’s no doubt about the fact that this has been an impressive project, and the developers have come a long way since it first broke ground in 2018. While it’s not known whether we’ll be able to travel anytime soon, we are definitely adding this hotel to our to-stay list.

We are seriously dreaming of summer right now.