This Tree House in Japan Has 360-Degree Jungle Views

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When Satoru Kikugawa was just a boy, the pages of a book titled I Want a Big Tree inspired him to find a tree suitable for a magnificent treehouse. Years later, driven by this childhood tale, he embarked on a journey through the forests of northern Okinawa. That’s where he discovered his dream tree—a towering Akagi, and got to work.

The Treehouse

Construction began in 2014, and today, that very tree stands as the centerpiece of the Spiral Tree House, one of the extraordinary accommodations offered at the Treeful Tree House sustainable resort in Nago, Okinawa. This unique haven, which opened its doors in 2021, combines both nature and comfort. Ascending the winding staircase to the Spiral Tree House, guests are treated to panoramic views of Okinawa’s lush jungle from every angle. The deck space, decorated with string lights and plush pillows, offers a serene retreat among the treetops. Inside, there are two hammocks, yoga mats, a mini fridge, a compost toilet, air conditioning, and a cozy semi-double bed. Nestled in a neighboring tree is the AeroHouse, a luxurious sustainable retreat made by architect Tadashi Murai and interior designer Yasuhiro Koichi. With its spacious layout and expansive windows, this eco-friendly abode features a fully equipped kitchen, drink cellar, day bed, king-sized bed, shower, toilet, and even a washing machine.

A Relaxing Getaway

The Trophy Tree House is currently under construction, but it’s expected to resemble a Japanese tea room theme and will be outfitted with two futons, a flushable toilet, and a rooftop viewing area. There’s also the Indigo Sauna Tree House, where groups of up to six can enjoy a three-hour sauna session. After that, guests can cool off by dipping into the Genka River below. Adorned with Okinawan indigo-dyed wooden accents and featuring a slit-style structure that floods the interior with natural light, this treehouse offers a perfect escape. In addition to its remarkable accommodations, Treeful Tree House offers guests delicious on-site dining experiences, including fireside dinners featuring Agu pork shabu-shabu, Okinawa soba noodles, seafood BBQ, and more.

Facebook // Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort

Powered solely by renewable energy and constructed with eco-friendly materials, the treehouses exemplify a harmonious coexistence with nature.