Top Treehouse Vacation Rentals in Texas

Stay in a Treehouse for Vacation

Treehouses are having a moment in the hospitality world, with luxury treehouse hotels and vacation rentals popping up more than ever. Inspired by childhood fairytale dreams, these unique abodes offer guests beautifully decorated accommodations with modern comforts in a rustic feeling. Texas has to offer some of the best treehouse rentals for a memorable vacation.

Leaf Tree House, Fredericksburg

Leaf Tree House, Fredericksburg

Combining eclectic design with tranquility, this beautiful treehouse looks like something out of a fairy tale. Located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, this vacation rental is full of character with a tulle bed canopy, a hanging shelf with a record player, and a comfy built-in reading nook beside a big arched window. While the ground floor features a comfortable sitting space, the second floor includes a semi-open lounge area, complete with a bathtub.

Redwood Tree Haus, New Braunfels

This unique swim-up treehouse boasts a large shared pool. This vacation rental in Texas features rustic décor with plenty of wood accents and a large shared pool. The living room also includes a massive tree-like structure, with lush greenery covering the rooftop and a wooden walkway outside. Offering two bedrooms and one bathroom, this treehouse also has a hot tub, a children’s playground, and cabanas.

The Hive, Glen Rose

The Hive, Glen Rose

This classic A-frame treehouse comes with oversized windows, allowing the guests to enjoy the surrounding scenic views. The main floor of the property features a living room with a kitchenette and a small dining table for four. The highlight, however, is the large suspended porch with light-decorated tree branches piercing through the wooden floorboard. Lounge furniture and the built-in net hammock make stargazing a great experience here.

Hobbit’s Nest Tree House, Lost Pines

This private ‘Hobbit’ treehouse in Texas will transport anyone to another world! Led by a rustic hanging walkway, it is completed with exposed wood beams, round stained-glass windows, and a canopy bed. The French doors of the single bedroom open to a balcony with a scenic view. You can relax for the whole day in the shaded patio, explore Bastrop State Park nearby, or else go kayaking in the Colorado River, just 10 miles drive away.

The Nest Tree House, Spicewood

The Nest Tree House, Spicewood

Located 35 miles northwest of Austin, Texas, this unique treehouse features multiple structures connected by staircases and bridges. This property offers easy access to nearby art galleries, vineyards, and water sports activities. With eco-friendly architecture, this two-bedroom, one-bathroom treehouse includes circular-shaped spaces constructed with recycled materials. It also houses a picnic area, seasonal pool, barbecue, and a nearby creek.

Five of the Best and Most Comfortable Backpacking Quilts of 2021

The fastest way to ruin a weekend hike or multi-day backpacking trip is to choose the wrong type of quilt and not get a decent amount of sleep during the night. There are so many options on the market that travelers can easily get overwhelmed with the abundance of choices. Here are five of the finest and most reliable backpacking quilts of 2021.

inside a backpacker's tent with a yellow quilt on the floor

1. UGQ Outdoor Bandit – The King of Customizable Quilts

Few quiltmakers can rival Michigan-based company, UGQ Outdoors, in terms of customization. The Bandit can be customized with 16 different features, which gives buyers total control over the quilt’s weight, price, and warmth capabilities. For optimal warmth, travelers should opt for the insulated foot box, side tension system, and draft collar. The inside of the quilt is always made from 10d nylon taffeta inner lining while the shell can be fabricated from different materials.

UGQ Outdoor Bandit

2. Enlightened Equipment Revelation – Hikers Favorite

Enlightened Equipment is one of the original brands to popularize backpacking quilts and its latest model, the Revelation, gives justice to the company’s excellent reputation. It weighs approximately 19 ounces and buyers have the option for either 850 or 950 fill insulation. The foot box comes with a 20-inch zipper and a shock cord that allows to tighten the bottom for better seal heat. The quilt is 54 inches in width, which is narrower than most of its counterparts, but wider options are available upon request.

Enlightened Equipment Revelation

3. Katabatic Flex 30 – Perfect for Side Sleepers

The Flex 30 is a “blanket style” quilt produced by Katabatic. It features a base-to-foot box zipper, which allows users to unzip it for more ventilation on warmer nights. It offers plenty of shoulder room and has a secure pad attachment system that minimizes airflow when sleepers are changing their positions.

Katabatic Flex 30

4. Feathered Friends Flicker UL 20 – The Versatile Option

Manufactured by Feathered Friends, the Flicker UL 20 is stuffed with 15 ounces of 950+ fill goose down. Its overall weight is 25 ounces, which makes it heavier than most quilts, but compensates with its unparalleled comfort and versatility. Apart from being used as a sleeping bag, the Flicker can be converted into a blanket or used as a hammock underquilt due to its webbing strap attachments.

Feathered Friends Flicker UL 20

5. Therm-a-Rest Vela Double 20 – Ideal for Couples

Couples who wish to share the same quilt during their trips should not hesitate to invest in the Double 20. It’s 82 inches wide and 80 inches long and features stash pockets at both top corners. It has 650-fill Nikwax hydrophobic insulation, which offers a decent level of comfort.

Therm-a-Rest Vela Double 20

These five different types of backpacking quilts are a safe bet for travelers who wish to have a memorable experience instead of a forgettable one.