Take a Virtual Tour of Saint Lucia Without Leaving the House

It’d be nice if you could relax and get away from everyday life for just a few minutes. The good news is that virtual escapes are now possible, and you can stay seated on your couch at home while still being able to experience them. The stunning island of Saint Lucia is where you can virtually jet off to.

St Lucia Landscape
Take a Virtual Tour of Saint Lucia Without Leaving the House

Take a Virtual Escape in Saint Lucia

The virtual escape is possible through the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority as they are inviting everyone interested to a 7-minute mini-series. This series airs on Instagram, twice a week for people to tune into.

The tourism authority realizes that not many people can travel, which is why they are offering virtual travel to Saint Lucia for those who are interested in doing so from the comfort of their own homes. The escapes range from making tropical cocktails using locally-produced Chairman’s Reserve Rum to discovering yoga and meditation, and even cooking authentic dishes with Chef Shorne Benjamin.

Sand shore in St Lucia
Take a Virtual Tour of Saint Lucia Without Leaving the House

According to the tourism authority, the goal of the mini-series is to virtually share the Saint Lucian culture and its natural beauty with those that are interested without them having to leave their homes. They also aim to keep in touch with and encourage future visitors.

The Instagram Program Lineup

Instagram users can join the program every Tuesday and Thursday for #7MinutesInSaintLucia. So far, the program was occurring on three separate days and the users were offered:

  • Saint Lucian Flavor Cooking Class – A virtual cooking class hosted by Chef Shorne Benjamin, an international Saint Lucian chef, who was cooking with some local flavors.
  • Live DJ Party – The virtual guests were enjoying the dance session with Hollywood HP, who is one of the well-known Disc Jockeys in Saint Lucia.
  • Beach, Breezy Meditation – This is a guided meditation session with Janelle from Yoga with Ja – life from the beach.

What to Expect?

Steelpan Performance — It will be a performance by local pannist Chazzi offering Instagram users to witness the sweet sound of this unique instrument on April 28, 11:00 – 11:07 am EDT⁠.

If you’ve already missed the performances from above, follow the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority on social media and stay tuned for the next virtual tours and live streams!

Marvel at Autumn Foliage on the Longest Mountain Coaster in the US

Anyone who loves roller coasters will surely want to add this one to their bucket list! Located in New York, the Cliffside Mountain Coaster opened recently and immediately started captivating everyone’s attention. And what better time to open up a new roller coaster that passes through a stunning resort out in nature than at the beginning of Autumn when all the foliage is colorful and mesmerizing?

the Longest Mountain Coaster in the US The Olympic Bobsledding Track Got a New Purpose

The new coaster is actually a repurposed bobsled track that was used for the Olympic games in 1932 and 1980. It’s located at Mt Van Hoevenberg in Lake Placid, which is the first winter resort in America with a history that spans over 100 years. It’s one of the few villages in the world that hosted the Olympic games twice. Riders of the new coaster will be able to glide through that historic track surrounded by stunning foliage and get to see what it was like for the bobsledding teams that took that same course so many years before. As an additional treat, riders will be able to hear commentary the entire ride for the full experience.

The Longest Mountain Coaster in the US A Stunning View of Autumn Foliage

To take this stunning coaster ride, it’s necessary to pre-purchase tickets online so that the organizers can maintain capacity control at all times. Rides will be available on the weekends with extended hours for Columbus Day weekend. The track is 1.4 miles long and the visitors will be riding in their individual carts, whose speed they can control. As the facility follows all NY state protocols, visitors will be required to wear masks, and the coaster carts will be properly sanitized between each use. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo says that this coaster is a thrilling addition to the Olympic Regional Development Authority venues and that the efforts to modernize the whole Mt Van Hoevenberg complex is ongoing. The coaster will help provide fun for families and athletes alike throughout the year, attracting more summer visitors and boosting the local businesses!