You’ll Be Shocked By Which Airports Are Ranked The Worst In The World

When you think of Britain, you think of class, sophistication, and culture. But AirHelp, a company that tracks airport passenger satisfaction, has ranked several British airports as the worst in the world. London Stansted Airport, Edinburgh Airport, and Manchester Airport all were placed in the bottom ten of 150 airports worldwide.

Henrik Zillmer, the co-founder and CEO of AirHelp said: “For some time now UK airports have seemingly been in the news for all the wrong reasons and that has been realized in this data. The UK is enviably positioned when it comes to physical movement of people globally, but this report needs to serve as a wake-up call when it comes to actual performance. Passengers are clearly not happy and while it will be a challenge to address the issues highlighted in this report, it is also an opportunity to halt the decline in performance and provide consumers with a better experience.”

Edinburgh Airport’s spokesperson said to British newspaper The Daily Mail: “Another year and yet more bogus findings which serve to do nothing more than generate PR for a compensation firm. It’s factually inaccurate and uses a convoluted formula which doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. We regularly hear from our passengers and airlines about how we’re performing and we’ll continue to work hard at providing the best service we can, correctly measuring our performance and listening to make sure we improve where we can.”

A spokesperson from London Stansted airport shared the same sentiment as the Edinburgh Airport speaker: “Stansted is the fastest growing London airport with passengers voting with their feet in record numbers – we will serve 29 million passengers this year – and are investing significant sums of money to ensure that our passengers are provided with the high levels of customer experience that they are entitled to. However, as with their previous PR initiatives, this latest survey from AirHelp is purely a self-serving exercise based on very little or no substantive evidence and designed to promote a company seeking to take a share of flight compensation claims.”